Brand identity and integrated campaign to launch the private healthcare provider Simplyhealth.

Image: Airside

As a lead designer at Airside I was tasked with creating a new brand world for Simplyhealth’s bold new position: We can be bothered.

In the wake of Simplyhealth’s new look its customer base grew to 4 million customers.

Welcome to wellness

Drawing inspiration from Simplyhealth’s vibrant pinwheel logo, we created multicoloured brand world. Not only did this approach aesthetically articulate how it felt to feel healthy and well, but our host of colourful characters and sweeping landscapes provided a storytelling platform for Simplyhealth’s integrated marketing.

Image: Airside

TV commercials

Following our initial print campaign I directed several TV commercials that bought the new brand world to life. Each commercial revealed how Simplyhealth had made a customer’s life just that little bit better.

Image: Airside

Billboard campaign

In parallel with our TV campaign, we also designed a range of billboards to inject some colour into the UK’s streets.

Image: Airside

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