Brand identity for a money transfer scaleup.

Image: Confederation Studio

As a freelance design director at Confederation Studio I worked on a comprehensive brand refresh for Azimo, a $124 million fintech company working to deliver the most competitive money transfer services on the market.

In the wake of their rebrand, the company reported triple-digit growth across every metric — including transactions sent, gross transaction volume and revenue.

Articulating fluidity

To kick-off Azimo’s rebrand the design team researched the qualities people looked for when choosing a financial service. Aside from the obvious — who doesn’t want great value for money — they found new customers gravitated towards services that felt inherently fast and flexible. Armed with this insight, they explored how to visually articulate the simplicity of Azimo’s remittance service.

The result was a brand identity that embodied the fluidity of the Azimo experience, introducing a kinetic wordmark with a palette of gradients to communicate speed, movement and transaction.

Image: Confederation Studio

Three key deliverables

With a new creative direction agreed, the team worked with Azimo to address existing issues with their brand implementation. The resulting brand guidelines provided a framework to roll-out Azimo’s new brand identity across three key deliverables: Azimo’s digital offer, Azimo’s launch campaign and Azimo’s marketing material.

Image: Confederation Studio

Creating a consistent digital experience

Partnering with Azimo’s in-house digital team, our designers developed a cohesive user interface palette to ensure the speed and fluidity of Azimo’s new brand identity was also articulated by their digital offer.

Image: Confederation Studio

Launching Azimo

Targeting Azimo’s biggest expatriate market in the UK, an advertising campaign in English and Polish revealed Azimo’s new look, highlighting the most popular uses of Azimo’s affordable money transfer service.

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