One Big Tweet

Campaign to raise money and awareness for Café Direct Producers’ Foundation.

Image: Café Direct Producers’ Foundation

Café Direct Producers’ Foundation asked my studio to develop a funding mechanism that would raise both money and awareness for the charity. We accepted the project on a pro bono basis.

So far over 8.1 million followers have been donated to the campaign, creating a tweet with an estimated value of £122,918. Following coverage in the national press, One Big Tweet continues to accrue followers in 2019.

The Oscar Selfie

Widely shared social media content such as Ellen’s Oscar Selfie has real monetary worth. Having been seen by over 32 million people on Twitter, an advertising campaign with an equivalent reach would cost thousands (perhaps millions) of dollars. Our idea was to create one big tweet, a tweet with a guaranteed huge social reach that could be auctioned for charity.

Image: Café Direct Producers’ Foundation

The big idea

Our idea was to create an online app to enable Twitter users to donate their social worth to charity. Once they had pledged to help the campaign, their Twitter account would be primed auto-retweet a one-time tweet from Café Direct Producers’ Foundation’s account. By asking thousands of people from all walks of life to donate their followers, we would be able to auction a tweet with the ability to reach millions of people.

Image: Café Direct Producers’ Foundation


To test our theory we prototyped an online app to see whether the pubic would warm to the idea. Being a fairly abstract ask, we also used the prototype to test the messaging behind the campaign.

Following insights from our prototype, the messaging and site structure were simplified and handed over to Café Direct Producers’ Foundation’s internal development team. Together we launched a seamless way for people to donate their social influence to charity.

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