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Building a startup is hard work.
So I created some shortcuts.

After a decade of helping clients’ businesses grow and flourish, I co-founded the hardware startup Joto. Over the next few years we grew a team, developed a product, secured funding and grew a community — all from scratch. It was tough, but we learnt so much about transforming an idea into a business at pace.

Now I want to share the tools and techniques we developed to build, fund and scale our startup with you.

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For founders who want to move even faster, I’m also available to hire as a consultant. Simply book a free consultation with me to discuss your challenge and I’ll provide a roadmap of how I can help.

I can help you build and scale

Turning an idea into a startup doesn’t have to be hard.

By blending research, data, workshopping and testing we can refine your offer into a scaleable business with a roadmap for it to flourish.

I can help you get funded

Securing funding is easy when you’re telling the right story to the right people.

From clarifying your value proposition to crafting a clear and logical pitch deck — together we can sell your vision.

I can help you grow your brand

The best ventures have the most consistent and compelling brands.

Whether you want to overhaul your website or refresh your identity, we can craft a brand that captures and communicates what makes your startup great.

What my clients say

I often collaborate with Sophie Webb, one of the best copywriters and creatives in the business. Together we cover a lot of ground, keeping projects nimble and keeping the team small.

“Sophie and Jamie worked magic with our brand. They are gentle, thorough and deeply creative — a joy to work with.”

Kathryn Maunders, Founder & CEO
Ten Thousand Starlings

“I had a range of products I needed to get to market ASAP. Jamie and Sophie helped me turn my ambition into a brand I love across packaging and digital in record time.”

Craig Hamilton, Founder & CEO

“Jamie and Sophie helped bring cohesion and clarity to what had become a complicated brand. The result was a slick offer that opens doors at the highest levels.”

Robert Elliot, Founder & CEO
Zinc Network

Who am I?

I’m Jamie and I’ve been creating digital brands, products and services since 2006. I’ve worked with many different kinds of organisations, from fledgling startups to established ventures. I’ve even picked up a few awards along the way, picking up a BAFTA nod for my motion direction and winning the Design Museum’s Beazley Designs of the Year award for Joto.

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