I clarify and communicate what makes startups and small businesses great

And Start Here is for founders who want to take their business to the next level.

Whether you’re building something new, looking for funding or growing your business, I can help you get what needs to be done, done.

Launch your venture

Turning an idea into a business doesn’t have to be hard.

By blending research, data, workshopping and testing we can refine your offer into a scaleable business with a roadmap for it to flourish.

Get funded

Securing funding is easy when you’re telling the right story to the right people.

From clarifying your value proposition to crafting a clear and logical pitch deck — together we can sell your vision.

Build your brand

The best ventures have the most consistent and compelling brands.

Whether you want to overhaul your website or refresh your identity, we can craft a brand that captures and communicates what makes your business great.

Clarify and communicate what makes your business great.


Business design

•   Vision & strategy
•   Market research
•   Competitor audits
•   Customer personas
•   Route-to-market
•   Service design

Brand design

•   Brand strategy
•   Brand design
•   Marketing &
•   Copywriting

Web and product design

•   Product strategy
•   Product research
•   User research
•   Information
•   Content design
•   Rapid prototyping
•   Testing & validation
•   Metrics

Community building

•   Crowdfunding
•   Customer
•   Paid marketing

Clarify and communicate what makes your business great.

Who am I?

I’m Jamie. I’ve been helping startups and small businesses grow and flourish since 2006. I launched And Start Here during the Covid-19 lockdown to help founders survive and thrive.

Previously I’ve worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes — from pre-seed startups to governments and NGOs.

I now look forward to working with you.

Clarify and communicate what makes your business great.