McCandless vs. Brody

Recently the UK’s design community was rocked (or nudged, depending on your viewpoint), by a frosty televisual exchange between information designer David McCandless and the infamously opinionated Neville Brody. Appearing on BBC Two’s flagship current affairs programme Newsnight, the pair debated the validity of information design, with McCandless in favour and Brody against. Whilst the jury’s out on whether information graphics is indeed “the language of the eye” (McCandless) or simply “beguiling and seductive” (Brody), it was a treat to see design go mainstream, even if BBC Two’s idea of “mainstream” was 10:45 p.m. on a weekday night.

However, all this talk about information graphics got me thinking about the value of information design, and about the influence of one infographic in particular.

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